Keiki Food Fund

During this unprecedented time, most children are at home, and many parents are not at work, which creates a tough situation for many families in our community. 

In order to help, we are offering the donation-fueled Keiki Food Fund at Poi Dog Deli. Any family in need of a little help may order any keiki sandwich and a bag of popcorn for free. There is no other purchase required to receive a free meal from the fund.


We are only able to keep this menu completely free of charge when donations are coming in to help us cover the cost. Therefore the fund is not always available. Please call to see if the fund is available for free meals today, or check out the daily specials posted on Instagram and Facebook every day - we'll keep you informed of our Keiki Food Fund status. 

To use this fund, please call or look at social media to check the status of the fund, and then place your order. Our phone number is (808) 329-2917 and we are on Instagram and FB.


To donate to this effort, you can donate using Pay Pal here or simply call the Deli and we will take your donation via credit card. Thank you for helping the keiki of our community! 





Thank you to all who participate in both directions! 

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