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     In Hawaii, we have an endearing term for a person (or dog) of mixed backgrounds - a "Poi Dog". At Poi Dog Deli we celebrate the well-blended diversity of our island life with delicious food from a mixture of influences. We call on our experiences and our history with Arizona's smoky southwestern flavors, Louisiana's spicy Cajun delights, and Hawaii's sweet freshness, to present our customers with great sandwiches, wraps, and salads filled with fresh ingredients that blend well for a unique and delicious flavor. 


   Inside the Deli you'll see our walls are covered with memorabilia from each of these places. It's to remind ourselves of the great places we've called home, and to share the best parts with our customers as they enjoy our special offerings. The Deli embodies a relaxed environment with great rock and roll, jazz, and blues music always playing, and the smell of bacon cooking and popcorn in the air. We love big city delis for their easy and comfortable energy and their quick, delicious food and drinks. We wanted to create that same feeling here at Poi Dog Deli. We don't serve poi, or hot dogs, but we think you'll enjoy it anyway.      


   Poi Dog Deli is locally-owned and run. Our team members (both owners and most of the "pack") have spent years working for big hotels and resorts in Hawaii and we have learned the value of great customer service and friendly attitudes. At Poi Dog Deli, we are guiding our great customer skills back toward serving our local community, our friends and our families. Our mission is simply to provide great food and cold, tasty drinks in a comfortable and fun environment for our community. We throw in some live music and guided beverage tastings every once in a while just to keep it interesting. Check out our menu and our daily deli deals, and we"ll look forward to serving you lunch or dinner sometime soon.

  Mahalo Nui Loa, 

      Celeste and Taylor Cline 

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