Yes We're open

And here's what we are doing to ensure you safely continue to get great food and drinks:

 1. Our tables are practicing great social distance, and we allow 6 customers max at each table, so you can too. 


 2. We are currently serving food and drinks for Dine-In, Take-Away, and also Curbside Delivery.


 3. We are encouraging virtual payments in order to minimize the higher contamination risks of cash.  

 4. We sanitize all common surfaces in the Deli with commercial sanitizer several times a day. 

 5. We offer everyone a hand-washing station to use as often as you like. We also keep hand sanitizer in multiple convenient locations throughout the Deli. Employees wash their hands or gloves constantly throughout the day.  

 6. All our employees will wear a face mask. Customers are required by law to wear a face mask until sitting down.

 7. Anyone who has a fever or cough, or who feels unwell in any other way is not allowed to be inside the Deli.

We really appreciate your continued support of our small business during this trippy moment.

You are the reason we persist. 


What's on the Menu?


Daily Deli Discounts 

Poi Dog Deli Loyalty Program

Join The Pack

In Hawaii we look out for each other with kama'aina discounts for locals. At Poi Dog Deli you receive a FREE MEAL every time you buy ten sandwiches or salads. Sign up at the deli today! 

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Truck Bed Guitar Session

Drop in for Dinner

We give you 10% off dinner everyday from 3pm-5pm.
Yes, every day. 

For Your Keiki

Free Meals

For those in need

Choose between: Ham and Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - all served with bottomless bowls of popcorn. 



During the Covid Pandemic we gave free meals to our community keiki. We are still offering free meals to any family in need. We are also still accepting donations for this Keiki Food Fund Program. Click here to learn more. 

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What about beer?

$2 Ice Cold PBR
~all day everyday~

Enjoy a
Beer of the Day
for just $3 
Mix up your own craft beer 6 pack & we'll take $3 off 

"All of humankind has one thing in common: The sandwich.

I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is

to sit in peace and eat a sandwich." 

Liz Lemon


Events at the Deli

Live Music




Join Us


TBD (cancelled due to rise in Covid) 4-6pm -

Happy Hour Beyond Open Mic/Karaoke*                       

Got Talent? Love Karaoke? We have a Microphone! Sing, Dance, Make us Laugh, Sing Karaoke, Show off... And save 10% off your entire bill during Happy Hour Open Mic. The sky is the limit with this Variety Show! The mic is open to any and all talented people. Come to perform or come to enjoy the show. It will be a happy hour (or two) full of amazing creativity, alongside cold drinks, hot sandwiches and good friends.


TBD (cancelled due to rise in Covid) 4-6pm -

Lopaka Rootz * 

Enjoy a very Happy (Reggae) Hour with Lopaka Rootz! You know him—He’s a local favorite who spreads love and aloha with every song. Lopaka performs originals and some well-known covers, and he creates songs in front of you using a looper! We promise you’ll feel better after a couple hours with this guy. 


We will see you soon for some happy hour deals and great live music Big Island!   

*We keep these live events safe - together. We observe Covid regulations by opening our front doors, keeping the crowd at 50% capacity, using separate mics for each performer, wearing masks, keeping our distance whenever applicable, and washing hands and high-touch surfaces often.*   

Live Music Rocks!

Join Us


TBD (cancelled due to rise in Covid) 3-5pm

Guided Beverage Tasting

Join our Certified Sommelier Taylor

on a free tour of our beverage



You'll taste our ciders, craft beers, hard seltzers, and wines like an expert. 

*We keep these live events safe - together. We will observe Covid regulations by allowing 3 people or less at the tasting table at one time, using individual cups for each taster, wearing masks when applicable, wearing gloves, washing hands and surfaces often and keeping sanitizer readily available.*   

Taste the Fridge


TEL: (808) 329-2917

Have a question? Send us a message and we'll get back to you after lunch! 
75-1022 Henry St Ste #3 Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(Located across the street from Walmart) 
(normally) OPEN 7 DAYS a WEEK
Mon - Sat 10:30am - 6pm 
TEMPORARILY closed Sundays &evenings (until we hire more staff) 

Thanks! Message sent.

*Poi Dog Deli will never sell your information to outside parties. We will only use your personal information to respond to your inquiry. 

About Us

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 In Hawaii, we have an endearing term for someone of mixed backgrounds - a Poi Dog.  At Poi Dog Deli we celebrate the well-blended diversity of our island life with delicious food of mixed influences. 

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